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Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective IT Service Management and create enduring holistic relationships with our clients.

Our Values

JrSallia is committed to enduring relationships with our clients premised on expert, objective advice and services that deliver real, measurable value.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in our work and to be considered the best IT services company in Sierra Leone by our customers, partners and employees.

Jr.Sallia was born on the back of an IT professional, who consulted through strong relationships which were made in the market-place.

The IT solutions service is an offering which Jr.Sallia understands very well. Our unique skillsets have been sourced by banking, entertainment, government & various SME's. Though most of these niche skill sets were based on solutions developed overseas, our presence allows us to develop & customize needed local development (localisation), implementation and support. These systems and skills are pivotal to running the various businesses which we service. We have an intimate understanding of our market space and what it means to build a business within the parameters of empowerment in the West African context. In essence we have created a solutions vehicles that enable and support the delivery of IT Solutions to the African business & market-place. This fact combined with a strong delivery capacity serves us well in creating new partnerships, be it with our customers or complementary business partners in the industry.

Any company doing business in West Africa must take into consideration the complexity of operating in such a diverse context. It is a complexity increasingly defined by recognising the inherent ways in which technology can be economically used in your business model in order to strategically improve your bottomline. Jr.Sallia is your integral partner that understands and has the required appreciation of IT business in West Africa's unique historical, political, social and economic context.

With a strong emphasis on software solutions, we create cutting-edge applications that balance usable, effective content presentation with strong visual style. Our experienced team of web professionals provide design, development and consulting services to any business.


Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.


Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.


Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.
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Isotope is available for purchase or part of a club membership from RocketTheme, inclusive of the RocketLauncher, template, addons and sources.

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